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First, we’ll cover the basics.

What is a Home Warranty?

A lot of people are confused about home warranties. So I’ll put it in simple terms: a home warranty helps protect your home appliances and systems in the event of a breakdown. Think of it like insurance for many of the things your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover. What does a home warranty cover?

For example, most home warranties cover air conditioners. If your a/c breaks down, call your home warranty provider and they’ll send a technician to diagnose and repair or replace the unit. Depending on the coverage, the same could be true for your water heater, refrigerator, dishwasher, and more!

Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. The key is to select a reputable home warranty company and make sure you understand your coverage. Not all companies are the same, and not all plans are the same. Some plans may only cover your major appliances, but not systems like heating and air. Some plans will cover those big home systems, but not your major appliances. It’s important to read your contract before you purchase. There are, of course, some exclusions.

Why Do I Need a Home Warranty?

You might be wondering “why pay for a warranty when I could just pay for the repairs myself?” Sure, you could always put money away in savings and be prepared for unexpected breakdowns. You could spend time looking for quality professionals to repair and replace things when they need service. Or you could let your home warranty take care of all these issues for you!

One of the biggest benefits to having a warranty is the convenience. Plumbing is stopped up? Dryer left you with wet laundry? Make 1 call to your home warranty company and they’ll find a qualified technician for you. A simple home warranty service request handles everything.

Plus, your budget won’t take an unexpected hit. We’ve all been there – unexpected repair bill for $500+. You didn’t plan ahead, and now you’re scrambling to find the money. With a home warranty, you’ll pay a low monthly or yearly fee (like your car insurance premium). If something breaks down, you’ll pay a service fee (like a deductible) to have the technician diagnose and repair/replace the appliance. That’s it! You don’t have to worry about getting a huge bill in the mail.

Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to your budget if you knew exactly how much home repairs would cost during the year?

How Much Does It Cost?

If you shop around and do some price comparisons, you’ll see that home warranty prices can vary quite a bit. Plans range from as low as $250 up to $1000 a year. The same is true for service fees, which could be anywhere from $45 to $125 per incident. You may also have a short wait period before your coverage starts.

But remember, cheaper is not always better. And with so many fly by night home warranty companies hitting the market every year, you want to be sure you choose the most reliable – not the least expensive.

Think about it – if a home warranty company only collects $250 a year from you, do you think they are likely to pay for a $3000 repair? They will probably find a way to deny your claim. That’s why it’s important to do your research, look over your contract, read reviews, and choose a provider that has been in the industry for many years.

Who is the Best Home Warranty Provider?

There are so many choices when it comes to home warranties, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve searched the web for ratings, reviews, and awards for all of the major providers. After carefully weighing all of these factors, we’ve developed our own ranking of the best home warranty companies.

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