3 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs A Home Warranty

Home Warranty Reviews, Questions, and Answers

Home Warranty Reviews, Questions, and AnswersIf you’re a homeowner, you have probably heard of home warranties. Maybe you even had a warranty for the 1st year after you purchased your house. While there are many people who will tell you it is a waste of money, I’m here to share 3 reasons why every homeowner needs a home warranty.

The biggest reason:

1. It Can Save You Money

Most people have heard that a warranty can save you money. How? It’s simple. If a covered item in your house breaks down, your warranty company will fix the issue for a small service few (as low as $75!).

Imagine a hot summer day. Suddenly your air conditioning stops working. Your house starts to heat up. It’s unbearable. But you can’t afford the $1200+ repair bill. If you have a home warranty, your AC would be fixed for a small fraction of the average repair cost.

Think about it: would you rather pay $75 or $1200?

Just one or two breakdowns during the year, and your home warranty will pay for itself.

How else can a warranty help?

2. It Can Save You Time And Hassle

I don’t know about you, but I hate dealing with contractors and service technicians. Plumbers, electricians, etc. It can take you hours just to find a reputable repairman and get him scheduled to diagnose the problem in your home.

That’s where a home warranty can really help.

You only have to call 1 phone number: your warranty provider. They will select the best contractor for your job and help schedule the repair. Doesn’t that sound easier?

But there’s one more big benefit I want to share with you.

3. You Might Get New Appliances!

That’s right! If something in your house breaks down and cannot be repaired, your warranty will likely replace it with a new item. And they’ll do it for the same low service fee as a repair.

If your washer or dryer stops working and can’t be repaired, you’ll get a brand new washer or dryer!

Get Your Risk-Free Quote

At this point, you’re probably convinced that a home warranty is the best investment you can make to protect your home and budget. So what’s next?

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