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Why Are There Different Service Fee Levels?

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If you have been researching home warranty plans, prices, and other info lately, you probably noticed that companies offer a wide range of “service fees.” So what is a service fee, and why do the prices vary so much? A service fee is the fee that you pay when a contractor visits your home to […]

cancel home warranty

How Do I Cancel My Home Warranty Contract?

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There are a lot of reasons you might want to cancel your home warranty contract. Maybe you had a bad experience with your provider. Maybe you are moving and won’t need the coverage anymore. Or maybe you decided to just put money away in savings instead of paying for a warranty. Whatever your reason, you […]

home warranty wait period

Why Is There a Wait Period?

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If you have shopped for a home warranty recently, you might have noticed the “wait period” that most companies have started enforcing. It might be 15 days, 30 days, or could even be 6 months (I’ve heard of this, but I’ve never seen it myself). But what is a wait period and why does it […]

Request home warranty service

How Do I Request Home Warranty Service?

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It finally happened. Something broke down in your house. It might have been your dishwasher, microwave, a plumbing issue, or worse – your furnace in the dead of winter. Thankfully you purchased a home warranty plan months ago, and you should be covered. So how do you go about requesting home warranty service? Depending on […]

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Why Do I Need a Home Warranty

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Home systems and appliances often cost an arm and a leg to repair or replace. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to purchase a warranty for these appliances? It is possible to purchase a warranty for most of the appliances in your home. Most people are not aware of home warranty plans, but these warranties […]

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Can I Pick My Own Contractors?

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Many home warranty customers have had this experience: something breaks down, so you call your warranty provider. They assign a contractor to your issue. You never hear from the contractor. Or worse, you do hear from the contractor, and the experience is terrible. They show up late, don’t have the parts they need to complete […]

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When Will My Home Warranty Replace Vs Repair Something?

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When you buy a home warranty, you’ll notice that most providers say they will repair OR replace a covered item in the event of a breakdown. But when will your home warranty company actually replace something instead of just repairing it? It depends on the company, and there are several things to keep in mind. […]

Winter Home Warranty

How can I get faster service on my home warranty?

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This is a dirty secret of the industry, and it actually applies to many industries. If you’re having customer service issues, post a comment on your home warranty company’s Facebook or Twitter page. You might be amazed by the speed with which you get a response. Often times you’ll receive a more personalized response than […]

Condo Home Warranty

I live in a condo – can I get a home warranty?

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Absolutely! The real question is “do you need a home warranty for your condo?” Look carefully at what your HOA fees cover, what major systems and appliances you do or don’t have, and make your decision based on this. If your building takes care of air conditioning issues, it doesn’t make any sense for you […]

Suburbs Home Warranty Reviews

I had my AC repaired – why are there extra costs for R22?

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I’ve seen so many home warranty customers who are shocked at the additional costs for air conditioning service. Why didn’t my warranty cover the complete cost? Why is this so expensive? I thought my home warranty covered all expenses for repairs and replacements? Unfortunately, your home warranty is not going to cover all costs of […]