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Are there any exclusions?

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Are there any exclusions you should be aware of? Absolutely. My biggest piece of advice is to always read your contract. There is a lot of important information in that fine print, and the more you know the better your experience will be. Where can you find the exclusions before you purchase? Most companies will provide you with a sample contract to read before you buy. Read over everything and make sure you understand what will and will not be covered in the event of a breakdown. That will save you a lot of headaches.

So what type of exclusions exist? It depends on the company and your plan. Some of the more common exclusions are air conditioning window units, damage due to improper installation or lack of maintenance, and collateral damage (damage that occurs as a result of a breakdown, such as drywall damage from a burst pipe).

Generally you will have to pay for these situations out of pocket. So be prepared for this, and remember that your home warranty company doesn’t cover everything that might break down or become damaged.

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