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How can I get faster service on my home warranty?

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This is a dirty secret of the industry, and it actually applies to many industries. If you’re having customer service issues, post a comment on your home warranty company’s Facebook or Twitter page. You might be amazed by the speed with which you get a response. Often times you’ll receive a more personalized response than you would get by waiting on the phone for 45 minutes to talk with a service rep. And how many calls has that rep been on today? Probably about 25. Your problems are not their problems. Post to the company’s Facebook page, and you’ll likely come in contact with the “social media triage” team that handles comments faster and more efficiently.

Of course, use this trick with caution. You don’t want to become the problem customer who blows up a company’s Facebook page every time there is an issue. You may get your warranty canceled for this behavior!

Save this trick for those situations where you have no other option available.

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