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How Do I Cancel My Home Warranty Contract?

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How to cancel a home warranty contractThere are a lot of reasons you might want to cancel your home warranty contract. Maybe you had a bad experience with your provider. Maybe you are moving and won’t need the coverage anymore. Or maybe you decided to just put money away in savings instead of paying for a warranty. Whatever your reason, you need to know how to cancel your home warranty.

Unfortunately, you most likely cannot cancel without calling your current provider. It would be much more convenient to cancel online or via email, but most companies will not allow you to do this. Why? Because they want to get you on the phone to speak with one of their customer service representatives. They will probably connect you with a specialist – somebody who knows how to prevent cancelations and save the customer relationship. It’s just like trying to cancel your cable TV or internet service. They just don’t want to let you go.

So how do you handle the phone call? The best tactic is to just be honest, straight forward, and not back down. If you are absolutely positive you want to cancel your contract, tell the representative why. He or she will probably try to respond to each of your concerns and offer a reason you should stay. They might even offer to discount your price, change your plan to a cheaper offering or different coverage that fits your needs better. If the customer service rep can successfully meet all of your needs, great – keep your plan. But if you know you want to cancel, just stop them in their tracks and tell them that. “I just want to cancel.” That will save everybody a lot of time.

Once you cancel your contract, you will probably receive marketing materials asking you to come back. The home warranty company might have special offers or new coverage. Just be aware that they will try to win you back.

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