Is a Home Warranty Really Worth It?

Home warranty benefits

Home warranty benefitsIt can be easy to confuse a home warranty plan with a homeowners insurance plan. The truth is that both of them work nicely together to create a safe atmosphere within the home. However, each plan is quite different. Homeowners insurance tends to cover catastrophic events such as disasters like fires and earthquakes. It will provide monetary assistance to help with the repairs of the home, depending on the type of house insurance that you have.

A home warranty on the other hand covers issues that might arise within the mechanical systems of a home. It is difficult to pin point exactly what a home warranty plan covers because there are many different plans that can be purchased. However, most plans cover major household appliances and systems such as fridges, water heaters, air conditioning units, plumbing systems, electrical systems, etc. Of course, there are also plans that cover minor systems such as ceiling fans, faucets, lighting, pools, hot tubs, and much more.

Therefore, a home warranty is really an essential purchase for homeowners. But one of the most frequently asked questions that homeowners ask about home warranties is whether or not the service is worth the price? It’s a logical question and it has been asked and answered in many different ways over the years.

The fact of the matter is that replacing a faulty system can cost an arm a leg and it can take a significant amount of time for the repairs to be complete. So if you don’t have a warranty plan you will have to wait for someone to come and conduct the repairs and then have a large portion of your funds cut out from your budget. It’s expensive and most people can’t afford it. You also have the hassle of finding and screening your own contractors. That can be a major headache.

However, with a home warranty plan, an experienced, pre-screened professional will be dispatched to deal with the repairs immediately. All of your covered repairs will be completed for a small service fee (usually between $35-$125). So how much can one expect to pay for a decent home warranty plan?

I mentioned earlier that there are many different types of plans that fall under different price categories. However, the average plan will not cost more than $60 a month. In fact, some plans cost less, around $20 a month. That’s a small price to pay when it comes to repairing expensive systems.

The cost of repairing an air condition unit usually costs around $2,000 and the repairs can take days to complete. With a home warranty plan, you’ll pay the small service fee and that’s it.

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