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If you’re in the market for a home warranty, you’ve probably read tons of home warranty reviews. You’ve probably also read a lot of complaints. Don’t worry – we’re here to give you the full picture. Not just to complain about a bad experience we had years ago. The fact is, home warranties have saved many homeowners hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But if you don’t pick the right home warranty company, you could end up frustrated and disappointed when something breaks down.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best home warranty companies for 2014. Here are our recommendations:

1. American Home Shield american home shield review

American Home Shield BBB A+ RatingConsistently rated as the top home warranty company, American Home Shield has earned our #1 spot in the rankings. Quality service, comprehensive coverage options, and satisfied customers help make AHS the best in home warranties.

They’ve been around since 1971, have more customers than any other provider, and earned an A+ rating with the BBB. That says a lot about a company. Another little known fact is that AHS actually founded the home warranty industry. That’s right – they invented home warranties. Read the full review.

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2. First American Home Warranty First American Home Warranty review


With an A- rating from the BBB, great service and a variety of plan options, First American has earned the 2nd place position in our rankings. With over 25 years of experience, you can be sure you’ll receive quality service from one of the oldest and most respected home warranty companies in the business.

Here’s an important tip: if you live in a warm climate, make sure you add the optional air conditioning coverage. You’ll thank me when you have an unexpected AC breakdown in the middle of summer. Read the full review.

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3. TotalProtect Home WarrantyTotalProtect Home Warranty Review

TotalProtect Home Warranty BBB ratingTotalProtect rounds out our top 3 home warranty companies. Like AHS, they also have an A+ rating with the BBB. They are owned by Cross Country, who has been around since 1980. But TotalProtect is actually a newer company. With a variety of plan options, you can find the coverage you need easily on their website.

Another perk? Their prices are lower than both AHS and First American. But don’t buy simply because of price. Do your research! And remember, you’ll want to purchase coverage for pre-existing conditions if you have older appliances and systems in your home. Read the full review.

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