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I had my AC repaired – why are there extra costs for R22?

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I’ve seen so many home warranty customers who are shocked at the additional costs for air conditioning service. Why didn’t my warranty cover the complete cost? Why is this so expensive? I thought my home warranty covered all expenses for repairs and replacements?

Unfortunately, your home warranty is not going to cover all costs of repair. And R22 is one of the most expensive items that is not completely covered under most warranties.

So what is R22? It’s the refrigerant most air conditioning systems use, and it’s very expensive. In fact, R22 prices have gone up drastically in recent years. That’s partially because R22 is being phased out in favor of a new refrigerant called 410A. How did home warranty companies react? By capping their rates. That’s why your full AC repair costs are no longer covered under the warranty.

Some home warranties cover up to $10 per pound of R22. Anything beyond that will come from your pocket. How much are most AC companies charging for R22 these days? Between $50-$100 a pound. That’s a big difference. And with technicians commonly adding between 1-10 pounds during a visit, that could be $50 to $1000 in charges!

Please read the fine print in your home warranty, and understand that it’s there to prevent unexpected bills. If you know what’s in your contract, your R22 costs will not be unexpected.

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