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I had water damage after a breakdown – am I covered?

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This is very common with plumbing emergencies. A pipe bursts and floods your basement, or your drywall is badly damaged, or your ceiling is falling to pieces. Are you covered under your home warranty?

Again, always check your contract and read the fine print. Most home warranty companies will not cover this “collateral damage.” So you’ll be stuck finding a contractor who can repair the additional damage caused during the breakdown.

Even with a very reputable company (the biggest in the industry), I was unable to get my ceiling repaired after an air conditioning unit was replaced but later leaked in my attic. The worst part – the ac unit was replaced under my home warranty! Their contractor caused the damage when they failed to clean the old lines that they reused in the replacement. However, it wasn’t the end of the world. A fresh coat of paint after some drying time, and my ceiling looks good as new. And the company that caused the damage had to come clean the lines and stop the leak – at no additional cost to me. I didn’t have to pay my service fee again for that visit.

Pro tip: if a contractor has to come out for more than 1 visit to repair the same appliance/system problem, you shouldn’t have to pay a fee for each visit. Some smaller companies will try to charge you, and sometimes the contractor him/herself will tell you the fee is owed. But according to your contract, you probably only need to pay for the first visit.

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