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How Many Home Warranty Service Requests Can I Submit?

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You might be wondering how many home warranty service requests you can submit without being charged fees or losing your coverage. If you’ve had homeowners insurance or auto insurance, you know your rates are likely to go up every time you submit a claim. If you get in two car wrecks this year and submit a claim on each, you better believe those rates will shoot up quickly. But what about home warranties? Will your rates go up? And does your home warranty contract include a limited number of service requests per year?

While I can’t speak for every home warranty company out there (there are lots!), most of the major providers like American Home Shield don’t limit the number of service requests you can submit in a year.

That’s right. If your furnaceĀ breaks down, call for service. If it breaks down a week later, call again. Most likely you won’t even have to pay a service fee for the second visit – because it’s probably the contractor’s fault from the last visit! If your furnace breaks down a 3rd time before winter is over, don’t hesitate to call again. Your rates shouldn’t be effected.

That’s because most home warranty companies don’t have flexible rates based on your usage. They are often forced to maintain uniform rates for their customers based on the size and age of their home.

So is there a limit to the number of service requests you can submit? No, not really.

But remember… there can sometimes be other consequences.

While your rates probably won’t go up, when it comes time for renewal, your home warranty company might drop you. I know that sounds crazy. But if you are identified as an unprofitable customer, your provider might decide not to renew your warranty and add you to a “do not renew” list. That means you won’t be able to get a new warranty from that company.

If this happens, you have other options. There are lots of other home warranty companies out there. Do some research and find a new home warranty company.

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