Negative Home Warranty Reviews

Why Are There So Many Negative Home Warranty Reviews?

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Negative Home Warranty Reviews

Negative home warranty reviews are everywhere. It seems like every website you read has a long list of complaints from angry customers who have been wronged by home warranty companies. Denied claims, hidden fees, companies that close their doors and disappear with your money. It’s almost like the entire home warranty industry is one great big scam! But what’s really going on here?

The truth is, when you are wronged by a company, you are much more likely to write a scathing negative review of them. You may even write multiple reviews on multiple websites. You’re angry, and for good reason. Somebody mistreated you.

But what about when a company does the right thing? They deliver what they promised, charge you no more than you expected, and provide friendly service. Are you going to write a review about every good experience you have? Probably not. You see, most people expect good service. So they don’t go out of their way to write a review about their positive experience.

As a result, there tend to be many more negative home warranty reviews online. But what you don’t see are the millions of happy home warranty customers in the US who haven’t taken the time to write about their good experience. They are out there – but┬ápeople with a complaint tend to have a louder voice on the web.

So why are people posting so many negative reviews of their home warranty? Unfortunately, in a lot of cases the customer simply didn’t understand what they were buying. They didn’t read their contract, didn’t pay attention to what their plan covered, didn’t know about coverage limitations or exclusions, etc. When their claim gets denied, they get angry (even though it was their own fault). In other cases, the customer simply picked a shady company that makes their money by denying claims and never paying out for repairs. In those unfortunate instances, filing formal complaints with the BBB or taking legal action are the best options.

Have you had a positive experience with your home warranty company? I would encourage you to leave a comment below, or visit our home warranty reviews and comment on the company that helped you.

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