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How Do I Request Home Warranty Service?

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It finally happened. Something broke down in your house. It might have been your dishwasher, microwave, a plumbing issue, or worse – your furnace in the dead of winter. Thankfully you purchased a home warranty plan months ago, and you should be covered. So how do you go about requesting home warranty service? Depending on your home warranty provider, you may have several options.

  1. Call the service department: Nearly all home warranty companies will give you a service phone number to call in the event of a breakdown. Simply pick up the phone, talk with a customer service representative, and explain the problem you’re having. The more detail you can give, the better. The rep will assign a contractor to diagnose the problem. If it’s a covered breakdown, he/she will repair the issue or replace the broken unit.
  2. Call the automated service request line: Nobody likes waiting on the phone for a customer service person. Especially during peak season, like summer when everyone is having air conditioning problems across the country. Many home warranty companies offer an automated service request line. That means you don’t have to wait for a call center employee to enter your claim. Just listen to the options, select the appliance or system that broke down, and a service technician will be dispatched to handle your claim.
  3. Submit your claim online: The bigger companies will actually allow you to submit a service request online. Just log in to your account, answer a couple of quick questions, and your claim will be created for you. In my experience, this is the easiest way to request home warranty service.

Warning: I have heard many stories where homeowners hired their own plumber, electrician, or other service person, then asked their home warranty provider to reimburse them for the work. This almost never works! That’s because your warranty company works with a select group of contractors, and they want their own people to handle the job. Always request service through your home warranty company first.

Remember: when the technician arrives to diagnose your problem, you will have to pay them a service fee. That could be anywhere from $40-$125. Be ready to write a check in case your technician cannot accept a credit card.

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