How Much Will It Cost to Repair My Air Conditioning Unit?

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If you live in a particularly hot climate, an air conditioning unit is a must have appliance, otherwise, the interior temperature of your home will be extremely uncomfortable. But, unfortunately, air conditioning units can cost an arm and a leg, and repairing¬†these units is often equally as expensive. Old air conditioning units can be quite […]

Will TotalProtect Home Warranty Cover My Air Conditioner Compressor?

Will TotalProtect Cover My Air Conditioning Compressor?

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Today’s home warranty question comes from Rita L. She asks: i have a old air conditioner ¬†and it when out because of the conpresser is it cover. i have total protection warrity Generally, most home warranty companies offer coverage for your central air conditioning and would cover a compressor failure. But first, you need to […]

Suburbs Home Warranty Reviews

I had my AC repaired – why are there extra costs for R22?

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I’ve seen so many home warranty customers who are shocked at the additional costs for air conditioning service. Why didn’t my warranty cover the complete cost? Why is this so expensive? I thought my home warranty covered all expenses for repairs and replacements? Unfortunately, your home warranty is not going to cover all costs of […]