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How Do I Request Home Warranty Service?

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It finally happened. Something broke down in your house. It might have been your dishwasher, microwave, a plumbing issue, or worse – your furnace in the dead of winter. Thankfully you purchased a home warranty plan months ago, and you should be covered. So how do you go about requesting home warranty service? Depending on […]

Winter Home Warranty

How can I get faster service on my home warranty?

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This is a dirty secret of the industry, and it actually applies to many industries. If you’re having customer service issues, post a comment on your home warranty company’s Facebook or Twitter page. You might be amazed by the speed with which you get a response. Often times you’ll receive a more personalized response than […]

Home Warranty Companies - Living Room

How many times can I request service?

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A lot of people assume there is a limit to the number of service requests or claims you can submit with your home warranty. This actually isn’t true. You can request service as many times as you need to during the year. Generally, this will not cause your price to go up like it would […]