Will TotalProtect Home Warranty Cover My Air Conditioner Compressor?

Will TotalProtect Cover My Air Conditioning Compressor?

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Will TotalProtect Home Warranty Cover My Air Conditioner Compressor?Today’s home warranty question comes from Rita L. She asks:

i have a old air conditioner  and it when out because of the conpresser is it cover. i have total protection warrity

Generally, most home warranty companies offer coverage for your central air conditioning and would cover a compressor failure. But first, you need to look at the exact package you purchased. Your plan will determine what is and is not covered.

TotalProtect offers several home warranty plans, but only 3 of them would cover your air conditioner: TotalProtect Systems, TotalProtect Complete, and TotalProtect Enhanced. If you purchased one of these three plans, you should be covered.

However, there is one more thing to keep in mind: is your compressor failure considered a pre-existing condition?

If you purchased TotalProtect Systems or TotalProtect Complete, your plan does not cover pre-existing conditions. If the technician diagnoses your problem and says the failure was due to rust, corrosion, improper maintenance, improper installation, or some other pre-existing condition, you are out of luck.

With TotalProtect Home Warranty, your best bet is to purchase the TotalProtect Enhanced plan. It offers the most coverage, including problems that you might be unaware of.

Thanks for your question, Rita. I hope you find this response helpful.

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