Winter Weather and Your Home Warranty

Does Winter Weather Affect My Home Warranty Service?

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Many of us are experiencing extreme cold and snow this winter. Have you considered what might happen if your heat suddenly stopped working? If you have a home warranty, you can pick up the phone or submit a service request online. But how quickly can you get service?

During times of extreme cold or heat, contractors are often overbooked. That means you might have to wait longer than normal for your home warranty service technician to diagnose and repair your issue. Plumbers are repairing burst pipes, HVAC techs are trying to keep 20 year old furnaces running, even window and door guys are working overtime!

If your home experiences an issue this winter, it might feel like an emergency. But try to remember – every other homeowner who calls in for warranty service thinks their situation is an emergency, too. So how do home warranty companies handle these “emergencies?”

Unfortunately, everybody’s home cannot be treated as the top priority. There are only so many contractors in your area, and many of them are booked up with customers who are paying full price (i.e., customers who aren’t submitting a warranty claim). Some home warranty companies try to help people in real need though. If you have an infant or an elderly person in the house, tell the customer service representative when you call in. That might push your repair to the top of the list.

Here’s another trick – if your heat goes out, your home warranty company may actually reimburse you for the cost of 1-2 space heaters in an emergency situation. Be sure to call and ask first though.

Everybody works together to keep homes and families safe during the winter months, even home warranty companies. Stay warm!

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